The Universe too has kinks

And you know it
when you realise
even dying isn’t that simple,
it is as complicated as living.

Life is miserably beautiful, and
dear old Universe is sadistic.

What if
when you go
to the dear old home of Death,
it makes you forever stay instead

in a coma,
at the gate?

Neal Ym (Phalguni Y)
April 3, 2017

It was I

It was I,
and not my mind.

To slave away to a treacherous master
was not in my will.
And so, shoot I, I did,
like a soldier in pride.
And even though I was never a soldier
or have never been in a war,
I now know, in times of defeat,
a bullet to a self is how you escape
from a prisoner camp, and
from shame and chains;
a bullet to a self is how you walk into
the arms of — freedom.

I shall shoot myself if I could
and I shall make a claim:

It was I,
and not my mind.

Neal Ym (Phalguni Y)
December 21, 2016

A subjective blindness

Oh, you poor thing
You shall be blind
to the beauty within
That’s the tragedy
and the gift
for a healer
for an artist
How much you have touched
How much you have inspired
Your misery is medicine
Your suffering is fuel
to keep a mad world spinning
A flower’s beauty is such
only to the buzzing bees

A flower then to cut herself —

For a dear friend.
Neal Ym (Phalguni Y)
October 16, 2016