Letter to an autumn rain


Dear Rain, whenever you come, my kettle will be ready.
And with my dear window playing witness, perhaps, it’ll be dandy.

In silence, in sips, in pitter-patter raindrops;
in drizzles and in downpours, in letters, we shall talk.

Dear Rain, when you shower me with your gifts of solitude,
oh, how I take it with my tea, sprinkled with gratitude!

And when you wrap your coziness over my soul,
oh, that’s when I wish you’d never let go of your hold!

And when you frighten kids, getting angry for no reason at all,
I find myself amusing to your soul, ’cause we’re alike, you and all.

But in all, Dear Rain, when you come, I know my soul can drown in bliss.
And I can never thank you truly enough, for bringing Autumn so much bliss.

One Pluviophile

Neal Ym (Phalguni Y)
September 3, 2015