This is poetry for a postmaster

Now, let’s pause the dance
and do a straight talk, so
you take it in, this poetry
straight down,
like a vodka shot.
No questions asked.

And after this straight talk,
I shall let my words
beat the drums, and my message
dance to the rhythm, and hope
you listen
like one of ‘em guilty pleasure songs.

Now, Rohini Kejriwal, you’re one of the stars
across the constellation
shining few in numbers
but shining ever so beautiful
in the vast vast Universe.

There, I see upon the night sky,
sitting in The Alipore Post,
a young woman with ‘em magic quills,
magic papers, and writing letters,
scouring for songs,
and Vincent van Gogh.

These carriers of soul-soothers —
Nothing less than a
“Good Mooorning, Vietnam!”
in its own essence and grace;
in your own essence and grace:
Rohini Kejriwal and The Alipore Post.

For RK
Neal Ym (Phalguni Y)
April 2, 2017